Places Must Visit In Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay 

Crystal Bay is an amazing beach on the island of Nusa Penida in Bali. The beach is easily accessible by scooter with a brand new road all the way from Toyapakeh harbour. You can spend your day enjoying the beach and the sea, or just relax in the shade under a parasol. If you’re very lucky you might even see dolphins here. The sunset from this beach is probably among the most spectacular in Nusa Penida. For all the above reasons Crystal Bay is among the top 5 places to visit on Nusa Penida island.

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Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach is a secluded and scenic beach in the village of Bunga Mekar on the southwestern coast of Nusa Penida Island. One of its most popular landmarks is a plant-covered limestone headland, with massive waves crashing against it. This unique formation resembles the shape of a T-Rex’s head, so Kelingking is often called the T-Rex Bay of Bali.

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Angel Billabong

Angel Billabong is An incredible natural infinity pool on Nusa Penida Island’s Southwestern cliff edge with its emerald hues and crystalline waters!
 It is an incredible green infinity pool perfectly situated between two cliffs and flowing into the Indian Ocean along the coastline of Nusa Penida island. It's located nearby Pasih Uug (Broken Beach), another popular site on Nusa Penida with unique limestone formations. The naturally formed rock lagoon offers a scenic seascape.

With its emerald hues and crystalline waters, the Angel’s Billabong is the epitome of stunning.

You can descend into its crystal-clear rock pools for a swim or a soak, but only during low tide.

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Broken Beach

Broken Beach locally known as Pantai Pasih Uug is one of the top picturesque and most visited destinations on Nusa Penida Island. Uniqueness, a tranquil and incredible scene, which is a great spot for travel photographers and panoramic view seekers.

Where there are reach of cliffs 50-200 meters high. Cliff circular shape and the middle forming holes like caves or tunnels sea. The sea water as if caught in the middle of the cliff that makes it seem a big pond.

Broken Beach (Pasih Uug) has big natural pool, with about a hundred meters in diameter, created by sea abrasion and collapsed limestone hill in million years ago. This hole has 98 meter in diameter and offering unique and scenic view.

broken beach has Incredible views like heaven on earth where in a middle of a cliff there is a circular hole and tunnels that penetrate directly to the sea, with breathtaking views of the ocean and the cliffs.

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Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is one of Nusa Penida’s most iconic locations, featuring a natural rock arch that stretches over crystal clear turquoise waters and a white sand beach suitable for all travelers. Atuh Beach is located on the far most eastern point of Nusa Penida Island.

Pantai Atuh can be accessed from either the left-hand side or the right-hand side of the cliffs via the concrete steps that are cut into the side of the mountain. It takes approximately 5 – 10 minutes to hike down to the shoreline.

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Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is an untouched, white-sand, and silky blue water bay on the eastern tip of Nusa Penida. With the, in 2018, almost finished stairs, Diamond Beach is ready to become one of the next highlights of Penida island and one of the best things to do on Nusa Penida. The view from the top on Diamond Beach is one directly from the postcards. A stunning white beach, silky blue water, limestones, and palm trees are creating a dream destination. Diamond Beach is without a doubt one of the things you must do on Bali.You can walk up all the way up to a small building where you find a viewpoint overlooking the beach. The viewpoint is an easy 5-minute walk from the parking area.

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Tembeling Beach

Tembeling Beach is a little hideaway bay at the end of a  motorbike ride down through the forest. Along the way you will pass by the Tembeling natural pools. If you are looking for something a little off the beaten path and away from the tourist hot spots you may enjoy the adventure of Tembeling Beach, natural pools and forest. Tembeling Beach is a pretty interesting spot to reach. Actually, that is an understatement. Buckle up this is going to be a ride. Firstly you will need to drive towards the pin on this map. That is the easy part. You won’t be able to reach the pin completely but you will reach a little hut on the side of the road at the turn-off.

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Rumah Pohon Bukit Molenteng

The Tree House (Rumah Pohon) on Nusa Penida has become one of the most popular attractions and one of the most popular places to stay! It is perched up on the mountain at Thousand Island (Pulau Seribu) viewpoint near Atuh Beach. Thanks to some talented photographers who shared this spot on social media, it has landed itself on the Nusa Penida bucket list of many travelers. If stay in this tree house room, you would love to wake up in this treehouse and watch the sunrise from the balcony with views over the coastline you can book a night or two in the treehouse. Personally, I would suggest that one night is enough. There is a small restaurant at the top of the cliff near the treehouse so you can buy your meals but other than that you need to bring everything with you.

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